Community Collection

The Decentrazine Project Community Collection is a community-driven collaborative project showcasing hundreds of artists from all walks of life.

The collection requires all artists to create a unique 1/1 piece based around a single focus-word, showcasing the wide array of styles, mediums, interpretations and invocations that the artists of the NFT world can create around a singular inspiration.

The collection includes works from some of the best and well-known artists in the NFT space, career artists, artists who are new to the space, and even artists releasing their pieces for the very first time including a few very talented child artists and everything in between.

Ryska, 12-2021
It’s easier to imagine 
the end

As we know it, capitalism gives the impression of being non-political, non-ideological. It presents the illusion of infinite possibilities and infinite choices. But this supposed freedom and liberty only lead to paralysis and total surrender reinforcement.

The popularity of aimless immediacy and the modern world of limitless possibilities, where you can ski in the desert this morning, be on a cable car that will take you up a 4000m mountain tomorrow, and top it off with a weekend at the seaside for two by plane for $50. 

If you can’t afford it right away, an overdraft makes sure of it. Blablabla, what does it even mean? I don’t know, maybe there is nothing better yet if you don’t want to be Robinson Crusoe, and you can try it, but I think it ends up with Castaway with Tom Hanks – on Netflix.



For a clear explanation I have created this simple diagram.
Lets repeat, what we already know:


– state sucks
– fiat sucks
– monopoly sucks
– mass production sucks


– internet rocks
– Pearl Jam rocks
– QOTSA rocks
– Hot Snakes rocks


will last forever.


NFT details

00:32, 24 FPS
MP4/H.264 videoloop
2000 × 2000 pixels
Music recorded by Ryska

Ryska bio

survivor of capitalism, design in postdigital.